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VBit’s goal is simple: We want to build transparent and profitable cryptocurrency mining operation everyone can use and understand! However, this is only a part of our mission. We also want to empower our customers and readers to make smart, calculated financial decisions. Most people think that investing and finances have to be complicated and difficult to understand - and we want to dispel that myth! That’s why we’re launching our content series: Money Bits: a series of well written, expert articles and editorials around the topic of finances- with a cool twist: unlike most of the content out there, we’ll actually make it easy to understand!

VBit Against Scams: VBit is taking the front-seat to educate our readers the importance of doing due diligence and outwit crypto and finance scammers.

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Bitcoin Mining Difficulty
As Bitcoin Prices Approach $40k, Here’s What BTC Miners Shouldn’t Do

January 14, 2021

Bitcoin is taking the financial markets by a storm; again. The pioneer crypto recently went past the $40, 000 mark, representing historic growth.  Bitcoin bulls will seize on this milestone to make all kinds of rosy predictions. They may be right, but nothing is definitive. Institutional investors are likely the driving force behind this historic…

Bitcoin Mining Solo vs. Hosting
Mining Bitcoin Solo vs. Equipment hosting services

January 20, 2021

Everything you should know about hosted Mining Why struggle with something when someone else can do it cheaper and more efficiently? This question is a constant in all services that permeate daily life. The same holds for Bitcoin mining. Bitcoin mining by individual miners is possible, but the efficiency varies depending on certain factors. As…