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Bitcoin China vc Bitcoin USA
China vs. U.S.: The Battle for Bitcoin Mining Supremacy

March 24, 2021

The United States and China don’t agree on many issues. That is not news for anyone with even a slight interest in world affairs. The two largest economies in the world are constantly jostling for supremacy. In the 4 years of the Trump White House, tensions escalated to levels not seen in decades. How it…

Bitcoin Mining vs Trading
Bitcoin Mining Outperforms Bitcoin Prices Trading At $50k

March 16, 2021

For many crypto analysts, the only Bitcoin stat that matters is the price.  In the past few months, they have had every reason to keep their eyes on the prize. Bitcoin has been on a tear, recently rallying to $58k in mid-February 2021.  This historic rally has placed cryptocurrencies on the financial high table.  Purchasing…