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Covid Stimulus
Financial Education: Exploring the Opportunities from COVID-19 Stimulus Legislation

June 10, 2020

It is hardly surprising that millions of people in North America, even with college education yet just about make ends meet. As jobs change because of technology many people find themselves redundant. Moreover, with inflation steadily rising over the years, and wage growth slow, the middle class is continually shrinking in the USA.

Bitcoin Shift
Bitcoin Shifting From a Reward-Based Model to a Transaction Fee-Based Model: What It Means For Mining

June 2, 2020

A finite supply. This is the defining characteristic that ultimately distinguishes Bitcoin from fiat currencies. The logistics of ensuring Bitcoin had this finite supply meant that its supply would gradually contract as the coin got more popular. Every 210,000 blocks, Bitcoin mining rewards halve to ensure the end goal remains attainable in a sustainable way….