Category: Expert Commentary

Texas Power Outages
A Reliable Bitcoin Mining Hosting Service Provider Matters, Lessons from Texas Power Outages

April 6, 2021

Texas is not a place you would associate with significant snowfall. Well, as part of a long list of unusual events in the past year, the lone star state froze over in mid-February.  So severe was the freeze that the state’s power grid suffered severe damages. This event elicited the expected political blame game. Some…

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty
Bitcoin miners earned $1.3 billion in February alone, Mining Difficulty Reduced even at over $50k

April 2, 2021

Well, the freight train keeps gathering momentum.  Bitcoin is arguably the financial story of the year. This asset is eclipsing every artificial ceiling in its march towards financial greatness. Even the most ardent Bitcoin believers must be pinching themselves at the turnaround since March 2020.  Picture this: Bitcoin closed at $28,992 in December, $33,141 for…

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