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Bitcoin Mining Difficulty
Bitcoin miners earned $1.3 billion in February alone, Mining Difficulty Reduced even at over $50k

April 2, 2021

Well, the freight train keeps gathering momentum.  Bitcoin is arguably the financial story of the year. This asset is eclipsing every artificial ceiling in its march towards financial greatness. Even the most ardent Bitcoin believers must be pinching themselves at the turnaround since March 2020.  Picture this: Bitcoin closed at $28,992 in December, $33,141 for…

Reducing Taxes Bitcoin Mining
Trying to lower your tax burden? Bitcoin mining might be your ultimate solution

March 29, 2021

Bitcoin and taxes. Two topics you hear a lot in financial circles, but are rarely discussed together. In fact, the two are often thought to be on polar opposites of the spectrum. Bitcoin has long had the reputation of a fringe phenomenon outside the mainstream. That mainstream happens to include taxes and the Internal Revenue…