Category: VBit News

Vbit Mining Montana
Mining Bitcoin in the New Technology Frontier

February 10, 2021

VBit Technologies, one of the only U.S.- based companies developing and hosting Bitcoin mining operations, based out of Philadelphia is expanding its mining business into Montana.  Known as the “Known Technology Frontier”, Montana provides access to cheap electricity plus cooler conditions making it an ideal place to turn dormant manufacturing plants into server farms to…

VBit Logo Announcement
VBit Technologies Unveils New Logo As it Prepares for Its Versatile Crypto Future

January 12, 2021

Today, VBit Technologies unveils its new branding that is more in line with ongoing diversification set to roll out in 2021! After 3 years of serving as VBit Technologies’ ultimate symbol, our first logo has been retired and the new group of VBit logos is presented, one for each of our services within the crypto…

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