Join the Millions of Ordinary People Earning a Passive Income (Video)

Even during peak employment periods, most people just manage to get by. We know now is not one of those periods. The purpose of this inspirational video is to motivate you to rise above the circumstances by creating a reliable passive income even when you don’t have much to start with.

"I have been working as a Senior Accountant for a medium size corporation for over twenty years. But VBit changed my life. My next goal is to retire fully from my full-time job. I want to encourage anyone and everyone who has any doubts whatsoever about this industry or this company. If I can do this, believe me you CAN too!"
evelyn testimonial
Single mom of two
"I love working in the hospital as nurse but I also realized that I want to be able to work at my own pace and time so I can enjoy our time with my baby… Even if I get $12/ day I am happy to see that in VBit the true residual income exist!"

charlotte testimonial
Married, 1 baby
"Two years ago, when I started my journey with VBit I promised to retire my husband soon. Not that long ago was his last day of work. There are a lot of people out there drowning and hurting financially and looking for a way out or somebody to rescue them. Making a lot of money is great, but having people's lives change for better is so much fulfilling and rewarding."
lori testimonial
Wife and mom of a special-need hero

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