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Frequently Asked Questions

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Since all Bitcoin has to be mined through complex computer hardware, hosted hardware mining is the hosting and maintaining of the expensive and complex infrastructure on your behalf. You can access the most powerful and efficient industrial Bitcoin mining hardware and software without the stress, hassles and extra expenses.


Given the right setup, mining Bitcoin has always been more profitable than buying Bitcoin. When you buy Bitcoin, you only get a fixed amount of Bitcoin one time, and risk losing money due to the volatility of the market. Through mining, you don’t have to worry about the volatility of the market because you are getting a little more bitcoin every day. So over time, you will have more bitcoin mining than buying, giving you a cushion against loss if prices drop, and magnifying your gain if prices increase.


To sign up, simply click the sign-up button and fill out the quick registration form. After you have registered, log in and click on the Upgrade Package button to purchase a mining package. Once purchased, your equipment will be setup, mining and generating you income within 7 days.


We can’t verify exactly how much will be made through Bitcoin mining. However, there are many Bitcoin mining calculators available for you to see how much the potential rewards would be. We have a calculator available on our website for you use as well.



As we use the computer hardware to mine and validate transactions on the Bitcoin network, we are rewarded for our activity through new coins and transaction fees. All Bitcoins mined will be divided and sent to contract holders according to the contract hash rate.


Bitcoin mining computer hardware requires technical knowledge to setup, a well-ventilated space, and huge amounts of electricity at a high voltage to operate. You will incur very high fees to setup the space and high ongoing electricity bills to operate, not to mention the loud noise these computers generate (each mining computer runs louder than a vacuum). So just let us worry about setting it up and maintaining it for you while you collect the rewards! You work hard for your money, so start letting your money work for you!


With VBit, you own the equipment you purchase, so there is no set end date for how long you will be mining and earning Bitcoin! You will be mining for as long as your equipment is producing more revenue than it cost to operate it. Whether it lasts 5 years or 50 years, you can elect to have your ASIC equipment shipped to your at any time.


Once mining operations commence, you can keep track of your daily Bitcoins mined by logging into your account. Once you have hit the low minimum payout threshold, you can request your bitcoins to be sent directly to your personal Bitcoin wallet.