Why VBit?

We make large-scale operations accessible for anyone to utilize. This means lower operational costs and better hardware uptime so you can focus on the important things and potentially earn better ROI. With our all in upfront pricing, we take the guess work out of mining cost calculations so you can make an informed decision.

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Efficient mining equipment

State of the Art Mining Technology

All our customers get access to the highest performing mining systems that currently exist, as well as a consistent stream of upgrades. Even repairs are included!

Highly Proven & Trusted

Built by technology and financial experts, our US-based operations are designed for clients who seek a reliable partner. Our customer support is staffed by proven mining specialists. Any questions or concerns? Just call or write!

Scalable, Flexible, Competitive pricing

We offer custom hardware mining packages for all types of budget and various flexible payment options as part of our mission to make cryptocurrency reachable to everyone.

Smart Financial Decision

Reliable Bitcoin Stream

When you purchase a mining package with VBit, you are purchasing computer equipment that will generate a balanced bitcoin stream. We want to empower people to make smart, calculated decisions.

It Beats Buying Bitcoin

Buying bitcoins is great - if you know exactly what you’re doing, and how the market will behave. It’s very high risk. However, with mining, you’ll be getting an immediate bitcoin flow that will help your money grow over time.

Join The Financial Technology Revolution

When Bitcoin was launched, no one could imagine that cryptocurrencies would change the way we deal with money in the digital era, but they did. The current number of cryptocurrency users is between 2.9 and 5.8 million.

Plug and Mine Options

Custom Designed Data Centers

Our data centers in Colorado and Alberta (Canada) are specifically built for mining, maximising the lifecycle of your machines and ensuring better mining results. We are not a cloud. We set up YOUR equipment and provide secure and cost-effective space, power and maintenance.

Cheapest Electricity Rates

We focus on green, renewable and cheap energy sources, to ensure the maximum efficiency of your mining operations.

No Expertise Needed

To compete in today’s cutthroat mining market you need the most efficient mining systems and setups. Previously, this has required a huge amount of know-how, but now anyone can leverage our experts’ skills relieving you of setup and maintenance, so you can focus on the more important things to ensure a profitable operation.

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Now that you understand what VBit mining can do for you, it's time to get started!

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What’s Behind The Machinery

VBit Technologies was founded in 2018 when a few crypto believers and aficionados came together and began exploring the concept of making crypto mining, and it’s incredible potential accessible to a bigger audience.

Today VBit is committed to its mission: Building an efficient and large scale mining operation anyone and everyone can use!

We currently operate out of state-of-the-art data centers based in the United States and Canada.

Our team consists of experienced leaders in finance, technology, and real estate. With cutting-edge technology, expertise and a commitment to helping our users, VBit aims to make large scale blockchain operations accessible to everyone.

VBit People

Don Vo


Sean Tu

Chief Technology Officer

Katie Vo

Operations Director

Zeljka Basic

Marketing Director

Gersham Fulcott

Facilities Manager

Sunjay Rampall

Technology Team Lead
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