Upcoming VBIT and QABU Scheduled Events

Here is the list of upcoming scheduled upgrade or maintenance events for VBIT and/or QABU:

ReleaseDate/TimeEstimated Downtime
QABU 23, 2021/11 AM EDT60 minutes
QABU 1.4.4July 6, 2021/11 AM EDT60 minutes
QABU 1.4.5July 20, 2021/11 AM EDT60 minutes
QABU 1.4.6August 3, 2021/11 AM EDT60 minutes
QABU 1.5August 17, 2021/11 AM EDT60 minutes

During these time, VBit and/or QABU webservices may be unavailable while services are being upgraded.  Please sign-off prior to this event. 

Once upgrade is completed and you wish to re-login to VBit or QABU web services, please close all browser windows (and tabs) and completely quit out of all running windows. 

  • For example if you’re using Chrome, close all Chrome windows and tabs and make sure no other chrome windows or tabs are open.  If using Firefox or Safari, do the same thing.
  • On MacOS, use “Command + Q” to quit the browser. 
  • On Mobile, be sure to also terminate the browser app. 
  • Start a fresh browser, and proceed to VBit or QABU sites.

Please plan around these events if you intend to do withdraws or other activities.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

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