Vbit offer evolution

VBit Offer Evolution: Walk-Through

The purpose of this article is to walk you through the recent changes in the VBIt offer.

What has changed and what stays the same? Are you losing money or gaining more of it? These are probably only a few questions that most clients had when we implemented the changes. You’ll find answers to these questions below.

You can also check this helpful infographic to gain more insight.

Here’s what is up:

Maximum Pricing Transparency

The equipment and the hosting pricing is now itemized and separated (whereas before, it was bundled) so you know exactly what you are paying for. This way you can make calculated decisions, compare prices of the machines and choose between different hosting periods. We just did a simple math breakdown and eliminated all potential grey areas.

Securing Your Machine

New hosting prices now include repair and insurance services and a one-time complimentary replacement of unrepairable machines with an equivalent. 

Taming the Volatility of the Market

The crypto market has been volatile from the very beginning, and it is acting under the universal law of supply and demand. Up until this point, we were in a bear market (demand for mining bitcoin was not very high), but this is changing and we are entering the bull market (bitcoin’s price continues its growth, so the demand for mining increases exponentially). 

VBit metrics fall under these laws, and their changes are inevitable, but we strive toward evolution of our mining conditions and offering upfront options so our clients can achieve maximum operation efficiency.

Securing the Optimum Electricity rates

Electricity rates are incorporated into our hosting price and VBit was able to secure lower electricity pricing from the electric companies and pass those savings on to our clients by lowering our hosting fees rate quite a few times in the last couple of years. 

Now, high demand from bitcoin mining companies and operations are eating up all the cheap electricity generated. With the increased electricity demand, the electric company will start to raise their power rates and we would have to raise that variable rate for those not purchasing it in advance at a fixed rate after their hosting plan expires.

We have a special contract with the power company that allows us to put a deposit for power we will consume and this will lock in whatever the current price is so we can offer the fixed rate to our clients.

Beat the Equipment Shortage 

Due to the increasing levels of demand, a lot of people purchasing their equipment elsewhere will have to pay upfront and not receive their equipment until next spring. This has also led to a 65% market price increase for the Antminer S19 series.

VBit has secured a number of Antminer S19 series miners and our clients will not have to wait until next spring to get them. We will get everyone online within 30 business days. That means each client will get months more mining compared to other offers out there!

Securing Your Mining Efficiency

In contrast to how it may look like, these changes do not affect your current mining operation with VBit. The only difference now is that you have more clarity on all future costs and can plan accordingly to minimize costs and increase potential mining efficiency.

True financial success is made over the long term with proper planning and strategy. Bitcoin mining is that type of strategy and a long-term commitment. It is not  a “get rich quick scheme.” It is a long term business venture with potential for huge upside gains depending on market conditions.

By Mining with VBit and picking our hosting plans you are securing the life cycle of your machine, controlled and optimum electricity rates, and as the end game – securing your long-term mining success.

Simply put – by purchasing our mining hosting up front at a fixed rate, you are saving money. It is not different from anything else that you can buy up front.

Let’s calculate it together:

New Diamond package break down:

Step 1:

First, add the price of the selected equipment package and hosting period package:

$14,400  (Equipment price)  +   $29,175   (5 Year Hosting)   =    $43,575

Step 2

Google Bitcoin Mining Calculator and pick the one you trust. Calculators are pulling information directly from the blockchain, and are always updated (e.g cryptocompare).

Step 3

Enter the amount of the hashpower your selected package has (In this case it is 330,000 GH/s)

Leave the Electricity price at “zero” because electricity cost is included in the Hosting package

Crypto Compare Calculator

On the right, profit projections appear.

In this case, there is a $14,560 profit per year.

But remember, you picked a hosting period of five years, which means you need a profit after 5 years. 

Step 5

Multiply the profit per year by the hosting period you picked to get potential revenue of a whole package you purchased.

$14,560 (yearly calculated profit)  x 5 years = $72,800

(current generation mining rigs have an estimated life expectancy of 4 to 6 years, and using it for a year means you are not exploiting its potential)

Step 6

Subtract your VBit cost from revenue to get potential net return.

72,800 (equipment and hosting) – $43,575 = $29,225 after 5 years of hosting

Follow these steps to calculate the profitability of the equipment package and hosting period of your choosing.

What else can YOU do?

Lock It in!

As a token of appreciation, VBit created special rates (see picture below) for our old package holders! Under those packages, after the 1 year hosting is up, they are going to be paying a variable hosting fee rate (currently at $.000045 per gh/day). Fill in your Purchase intent form not later than December 7 11:59 pm EST

Fixed rates

Need more Clarity?

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Disclaimer: The calculations and projections you see in this article is subject to market condition fluctuations and are not guaranteed.  VBit Technologies is an equipment reseller and hosting services provider.  You should consult a qualified tax and financial consultant before making any purchases.

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