VBit Technologies names a new CTO

August 12, 2020 - VBit News

Sean Tu CTO

VBit Technologies has appointed Sean Tu as its Chief Technology Officer. 

Sean has over 21 years IT professional experience focusing on market leadership and growth through engineering quality and innovation that targets Customer Experience (CX), User Experience (UX), and Support Experience (SX).

Prior to VBit, Sean had worked at Veritas Technologies, LLC —  a leader in Enterprise Data Protection (home of NetBackup and NetBackup Appliance) — for over 18 years and contributed trade secrets and three patents as a senior principal technical services engineer and release and support readiness manager for NetBackup Appliances. The last four years, Sean’s responsibility was to lead initiatives to improve CX and SX, enable Veritas to deliver quality releases with great technical support, and create a pipeline of future technical leaders through career management, mentorship, and training.

Sean’s role as CTO is to push VBit Technologies’ mission forward and help everyday people realize financial security through cryptocurrency. Specifically, his charter is to build and scale out-three organizations: 1) an engineering powerhouse, 2) a resilient IT organization, and  3) A world-class support and services.  

Sean will immediately oversee VBit’s QABU product management and all future product development. QABU is a soon-to-be-released custodial wallet designed to provide safe asset and mining management and decentralized apps for miners worldwide.

“I am thrilled to be starting the next chapter of my career. There is nothing more professionally gratifying than knowing you have made a difference in someone’s life. At VBit Technologies, they do it every day. Now QABU will allow users to transfer BTC between wallets without charging any blockchain fees. I like to think that there’s someone somewhere who sends money to their family on another continent, and that using QABU will make his or hers day a bit better.”

We have great confidence that Mr. Tu will lead technology development throughout the next phase – bitcoin acceptance among the majority of the population through various bitcoin-based solutions beyond existing wallet and mining offers. At this point we can’t share what those solutions will be, but we promise that they will be one of a kind. 

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