VBit Technologies Unveils New Logo As it Prepares for Its Versatile Crypto Future

January 12, 2021 - VBit News

VBit Logo Announcement

Today, VBit Technologies unveils its new branding that is more in line with ongoing diversification set to roll out in 2021!

After 3 years of serving as VBit Technologies’ ultimate symbol, our first logo has been retired and the new group of VBit logos is presented, one for each of our services within the crypto industry.

VBit is a brand that moves with the times, and we have evolved dramatically over the few years from a company that was known primarily for selling mining equipment to a name that is connected with broader services within the crypto value chain.

Our mission is to accelerate the financial technology revolution by advocating the incredible potential of blockchain technology to a bigger audience and developing cutting-edge products and services, and we want our logos to reflect exactly that.

VBit Technologies will stay our main brand that will gather all VBit specific service brands under itself. 

Don Vo, CEO and founder shared more details:

“Crypto as an industry has now come of age, and is now firmly in the mainstream –it is here to stay and so is VBit Technologies. Our infinity-inspired logo is implicating our stability and futuristic aspirations.”

VBit Mining brand will represent the company’s mining hardware distribution branch – a trusted retailer of the Antminer ASIC miners, the most popular Bitcoin mining hardware globally. VBit Data Centers logo will be hanging in the rafters of their US and Canada data center facilities, which are servicing thousands of people worldwide, and are on their way to becoming one of the largest bitcoin mining operations in the world.

Other VBit brands will be presented later this year, as the company plans to develop additional service branches. Our ultimate goal is enabling acceptance of crypto-based tools and operations in everyday lives of people across the globe and the new logos design marks the start of the new era for VBit.

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