Vbit Mining Wallet

QABU becomes VBit Wallet

The VBit Mining team is always striving to help make your mining experience better.

Starting September 14, your current QABU wallet will be rebranded to VBit Mining Wallet, and will become completely integrated to our VBit Mining ecosystem! Your wallet will visually and functionally match VBitmining.com so your online experience will be seamless. Rest assured there will be no crucial changes to the functionalities of your wallet.

All our members will, by default:

  • Continue to have uninterrupted mining rewards deposited into their VBit Mining Wallet
  • Continue to have the same bitcoin wallet address
  • Continue to log in the same way they do today
  • Continue to operate and work the same today
  • No additional action is needed as this change will happen automatically

As for the QABU, it will live on! We are proud to announce that QABU will be re-launched as a new stand-alone company in the near future and support new currencies such as ETH and ERC20! We will keep you posted.

In the meantime, check out a few commonly asked questions about this change and their answers:                          



Q: Will the rebranding to VBit Mining Wallet affect any of my services?
A: No, there will be no crucial changes to functionality and your services.


Q: How would I login to “VBit Mining Wallet”?
A: You will be able to login through vbitmining.com as you currently do now.


Q: Will I be able to login to the new QABU services using my current credentials?
A: QABU will be relaunched as a new service. Anyone interested in the new QABU’s services will need to register a new account and password at the new QABU. Your VBit account will not work at the new QABU.

As always, if you have more questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns don’t hesitate to reach out through our Help Center.


VBit Team     

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